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Why do we charge a set-up fee for mailboxes?


Express Center is recognized by the United States Post Office as a Commercial Mail Receiving Agency (CMRA). The Post Office will not process a Change of Address Request from a CMRA address.


Since the Post Office will not process a Change of Address Request when you close your mailbox with us; Express Center will forward the mail for previous customers, for up to six months, after they close their mailbox.


When you first rent a mailbox with Express Center, we will charge a Set-Up Fee. This fee is $20.00 for Virtual Mailboxes and $25.00 for Physical and Hybrid Mailboxes.


The purpose of this fee is to offset the cost of forwarding mail items to customers after they close their mailbox. The reason the prices are different is because Virtual Mailboxes are charged by the volume of mail that they receive, and the physical and hybrid boxes have unlimited volume. So, the amount of mail that gets forwarded from a virtual mailbox is usually less that the amount of mail from a physical or hybrid mailbox.


The Set-Up Fee covers the forwarding of letter mail. Parcels received after a mailbox is closed will need to have special forwarding arrangements made or will be returned to the sender.   


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