Open Up #3


The product instructions read: "Get some people together. Open the box. Start answering questions. It's that simple."

And it is that simple. But if you really NEED to play Open Up as a game...If you are truly THAT competitive...where you MUST win at all are some suggestions:

  • MOST POINTS: Divide the group into teams. Each player draws a stick. Each team takes a turn answering a question, with a point for each star on the stick. The first team to 10 (or XX) points wins.
  • TRUTH OR DARE: Players draw sticks and they either have the choice to answer the question or create a "dare." The dare is up to the player. The player writes the dare on the back of the stick and puts the stick back in the tube. If another player picks a stick with a truth and dare, they get to decide which one to complete.
  • TRUTH OR FICTION (this one is our favorite): Take any small scrap of paper out (smaller than the size of your palm) and write "Truth" on one side and "Fiction" on the other side. Players take turns being a "storyteller" and draws a stick and reads it out loud. The storyteller then tells about an experience of theirs or answers the question that is either true or false – the object being to trick the rest of the group. The story teller places the scrap of paper with the correct response under their hand. Other players guess if the storyteller is being honest or telling straight up fiction! The story-teller then reveals whether it's truth or fiction. Opponents get 1 point for every time they get it right. The storyteller gets as many points for the number of people they fool. Play to a set number of points (EX: number of players x 5 points).
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