Mad Quao


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In this sequel to QUAO (pronounced "cow"), The Farm continues to be run under the Iron Hoof of the bovine dictator, QUAO, but as time goes on she is becoming increasingly bizarre and whimsical in her demands! Players must not violate her strange rules or those of her crazed consort, BullyQ, while attempting to rise further in her favor, or possibly even overthrow her rule.

Mad QUAO is a lightweight hierarchy card game with a few twists. Players take turns playing cards on a central pile and drawing new cards, seeking to empty their hands as soon as the draw deck runs out. The order that players go out determines the hierarchy for the next round.

But at the beginning of each round, the QUAO adds a new bizarre QUAO Rule Card to the game. If a player breaks a QUAO Rule, they must draw a card – and so must all of the lower-ranked players. (Of course, the player who caught them gets immunity!) Over the course of the game, other special cards may come up. Bully Rules are similar to QUAO Rules, but affect only one player. In addition, the lower-ranked players have access to a few special Wild Cards in the deck, but they require players to perform stunts.

The end result is a card game in which you can rise from the ranks of the chicken proletariat to ruler of The Farm through good play and a lot of luck, but you might also have to win a fashion runway walk-off, talk only through a sock puppet, and never say the word "turn".

Good luck, QUAOmrade!