Update Regarding COVID19 Virus

Update Regarding COVID19 Virus

To Our Customers, 

As we continue further into the ongoing National Health Emergency that is currently hitting us, we here at Express Center are having to look at things day by day and responding as needed to the developing crisis. We have taken many preventative measures, and continue to look for ways that we can continue to provide the Critical Services that we offer our community by shipping and receiving medications, notarizing important healthcare and legal documents. And supporting our communities health care workers who are not able to shelter in place. 

If you currently get your medications delivered to Express Center, we recommend that you change the delivery address to wherever you are sheltering in place. So that, IF we do have to shut our store, it will not interrupt your access to your medications. 

That being said, we plan to continue to be operating from  9:30 AM to 5:00 PM Monday through Friday. With limited services. 

What we have done: 

  • Closed the lobby to everyone except Notary customers, who are only let in one or two people at a time while wearing a mask.
  • Sterilizing the notary table before and after each customer, and having the customer use hand sanitizer before handling our notary supplies. 
  • Servicing customers at the mail room door instead of the service counter, having them remain outside of the store, but out of the wind and elements. 
  • Sanitizing any items the general public touches (pens, clipboards, tables.) 
  • Stepped up sanitizing of the store.
  • Wearing gloves 
  • Practicing frequent hand washing, and not touching our faces. 
  • Reducing the store hours to reduce exposure and expenses. 
  • Taking the weekends off to get lots of rest and Sheltering in Place with our loved ones. 
  • Scheduling times with customers to pick up parcels from us, who can’t get to us during our reduced hours. (if you need to schedule a time to meet us outside our operation hours, email us at info@expresspbc.com )
  • Set up all of our Physical Mailbox customers with a Virtual Mailbox account so that they can access their mail via the internet. We are adding our Virtual Mailbox services to all of our Physical Mailboxes at no additional charge. Physical Mailbox customers will not have to break their shelter in place, to deal with their Mail. This transition will take a little time and will probably not be completely smooth. But the Virtual Mailboxes that we already offer are a great solution to the possibility of a long term Shelter in Place order. And we expect this to be a good solution to the problem of our mailbox customers having access to their mail. 
  • As for parcels. If you are going to be home anyway, then change the delivery address to where you are Sheltering in Place. If that doesn’t work for you, then we can still receive those packages for you and if you can’t pick them up during our reduced hours, we can work out a way to turn them over to you on a case by case basis. 
What does adding Virtual Mailbox service to the Physical Mailboxes mean to existing Physical Mailbox customers?
  • If you don’t want anything to change, nothing will. You can keep everything exactly the same as it has been if you like. Just use it the way you always have.  
  • If you would like to use it, your billing would change to having a once a month charge on your credit card. Annual plans with a discount are also still available. The pricing will stay the same. 
  • If you would like to use it, new services would be available to you. Those new services might incur additional charges. These services would be; The option to open and scan your mail items, or Shred items for you. See our website for pricing. https://expresscenter.anytimemailbox.com/signup/addon
  • If you currently pay an extra charge for Notification and you sign up for this, we would no longer charge you extra for Notification, as this would make Notification redundant.  
  • There is a line in the description of the mailbox plan that mentions more than 3 names assigned to a mailbox, we are ignoring that for existing customers and have set the charge for that to $0.00. 

The Benefits of adding Virtual Mail services to Physical Mailboxes.

  • No unnecessary trips to your mailbox. You will be able to see exactly what mail items we have for you while you safely Stay At Home.
  • Automatic renewal will mean no more late fees. 
  • Same price with added benefits.

Please use info@expresspbc.com as the best way to contact us. 

Thank you for being our customer, stay safe, and we will get through this together by keeping our distance. 

Brady Mahaney

Express Center


Q: How can I access my mail?

A: The 24-hour access mail room door will be open for you to access your mailbox 9:30 AM to 5 PM Monday through Friday. ONE PERSON IN THE MAIL ROOM AT A TIME, PLEASE. We will close it off for a few minutes each day while we put the mail away or do maintenance on the mailboxes.  Any parcels that we have for you, we will pass to you through the door to the mail room. We will also be setting you up with a virtual mailbox so that you can deal with your mail without having to actually come down to the store at all, unless you need to pick something up. 

Q: I can’t make it to the store during your new hours. How can I get my packages?

A: We can schedule a time to meet you outside of business hours to turn over parcels and mail items to you. Contact us at info@expresspbc.com to schedule a time to meet at the store.

Q: I received an email saying that my credit card was accepted and that my account is past due. 

A; This message went out to some customers who have physical mail boxes, because we are still working on getting the Virtual Mail functions set up and are not finished working on it yet. Specifically you got the message because we have set up your account, but there is no credit card associated with it yet. 

Q: When I sign up for the Virtual Mailbox I get an error after creating the password saying that the password reset has already been used.

A: This is a known issue. Just go back to the log in screen and use the email address and password that you had just created and it should work.

Q: What products and services are you not currently offering?

A: Most products, (mailing and shipping supplies, office supplies, and games) are still available but we are not letting customers into the store to shop. If you know what you want we will bring it to the door for you. 

We are not currently offering the following products and services: 

Greeting cards. 

Passport photos

Rental Computer time

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