The New Express Game Center!

The New Express Game Center!

They say that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. And no one wants to think of themselves as dull. That is why we have added something very special to our store, something that is a little bit more playful than faxes, copies and stamps. We are happy to officially announce that we are not just Express Business Center. We are now Express Games Center, as well.

When we started this shop 10 years ago we wanted to fill a void left when the local post office was closed down. We think we did a good job of this and we are happy with how we have helped our community get their work done, their presents delivered, and their mail sent and received. However, even in our early years we carried a few games, in fact we carried games from local game developers (let’s hear it for Wiggity Bang!). But now we have expanded our games collection and we feature dozens of board games, card games, dice games, and more. And we are so happy that the community has really responded to this new offering.

And, because no one wants to think of themselves as dull, we don’t just sell these games, we play them, too. Most everything in our collection are games we have played or games we look forward to playing. One of my favorites is Stuffed Fables, a co-operative adventure game suitable for game night with friends or a bedtime story for families. So you can see, these games are not just another product for us to sell. They are something we are passionate about. And we want to share our passion with you.

Don’t worry, Express Business Center will always be here for your business needs, to help you get your work on. That is not going to change. But when your work day is done and you have finally run out of sitcoms to stream, we hope you will consider taking home one of our award winning board games, sit down with the people you love, and get your game on! Welcome to the new Express Games Center.

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