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Why Rent A Mailbox Address?

There are many reasons that someone might want to use a rental mailbox service. Perhaps they just moved to the area, and haven’t settled down yet. Or they may be a student who is only planning on being in the area for a year or two. And then there are people who operate home based business. There are many more reasons as well. Did you know that not maintaining the same address has a negative affect on your credit score?


Whether you followed the advice of John Soule's quote “Go West, Young Man,” or you just slid down the coast to go to school, maintaining a stable address is important. You want a place where your friends and family can contact you, and a place where you can receive checks and notices without having to worry about your previous roommates not letting you know that something came for you.


For home based business owners a rental mailbox makes the perfect business mailing address. You can't just work from your kitchen table and then claim your kitchen square footage as a business expense. To claim a space as a business expense you are required to use that entire space, the whole room and everything in, it for nothing else but your business. Renting a mailbox and writing that expense off for your business is the safer way to go. And a P. O. Box is not the same. Post Office Boxes, can not accept packages from UPS, FedEx, or DHL on your behalf. In fact, those companies won't even let you use “P. O. Box” in a Ship To Address.


Bloggers are another group who should be interested in a rental mailbox. Having a public address away from your private residence might be a good idea for anyone who puts themselves out publicly, and wants to maintain their privacy. Bloggers also tend to get a great deal of samples in the mail from companies that want them to review their products.


Non-profits, land lords, frequent travelers, members of the military, the list of people, and the reasons they are interested goes on and on.


At Express Center we offer three sizes of mailboxes.


Size:                             Price:

Personal                       $20 Per month/ $19 when you pay for a full year in advance

Family                          $23 Per month/ $22 when you pay for a full year in advance

Corporate                     $30 Per month/ $29 when you pay for a full year in advance



All mailboxes have a one time $25 processing fee.


Additional mailbox services:

24-Hour Access ---------------------------------------------------- $2.00 Per month

Text Message, or Email Notification -------------------------------$1.00 Per month

Mail Forwarding-------------------------------------------------------Pricing will vary